I am sorry…

I have grown tiresome of what tumblr has become lately, Just a bunch of teens blogging and reblogging photographs of stupid things that hold no real value in the world, and I wish to no longer be apart of it, I want to talk about real things that actually matter and retain a reasonable foundation in the world.

So with that being said, For those who were truly interested in my blog, I have made a Blogger account.

Link:  http://ninithevegster.blogspot.com/

arewell, and Stay Vegan <3


creepycutecrap asked: Hola! :) Me he topado con tu blog por casualidad,solo queria compartir contigo que empecé en el vegetarianismo hace como 2 meses, y cada dia que pasa estoy más y más feliz con mi decisión.Me en-can-ta tu blog! Saludos!^^

Espero que te puede llevar al maravilloso mundo del veganismo :)

My life is complete &lt;3

My life is complete <3

Now that is what I call Accuracy

Now that is what I call Accuracy

Not tonite but soon…

I will have yummy food posts soon for you  <333

I adored Lessofleigh’s response soo much that I just had to make a post about it… THIS IS THE TRUTH ABOUT MILK!


This made me CRINGE. You can get milk that has no fat or 1% fat. Those calories are good calories. Milk is an extremely important factor in health. You need it everyday. And around 200 calories worth at that.


I must heartily disagree. Milk is terrible for you, and it’s extremely unnatural to drink it. There are NO other species of animal that a) drinks the milk of another species, b) drinks milk past infancy, and c) harvests it in such an unnatural way.

Let’s face it: Milk is something that mothers produce to provide their offspring with important nutrients and antibodies. It is calorie rich in order to nurture the growth spurt that babies experience—they grow rapidly in their first year and should weigh anywhere between 20-25 pounds at their year checkup. A baby calf gains anywhere from a pound and a half to three pounds A DAY. Now, do most babies drink as much milk as a calf would? No, probably not—but the fact is, the nutrient breakdown is species specific.

Furthermore, the dairy industry is CRUEL. Think of all the women you know—do they lactate at random? No, not unless they’ve got a baby/small child, because that is what our bodies were intended to do. Guess what? Cows are the exact same. They do not product milk unless they just gave birth or are heavily pregnant, because cow milk is intended for baby cows! It’s a bit of a reach and sensationalist to be sure, but when you drink milk, know that your appetite for this “healthy” fluid is depriving a calf of essential nutrition, whilst directly supporting the veal industry.

Honestly, I try to avoid getting on my soapbox if at all possible, but there are SO MANY MORE healthy milk choices out there! Soy, almond, hemp, rice, cashew—there are SO many choices and they’re ALL healthier than cow milk! Please please please stop taking the what the dairy industry tells you at face value and do the research!!!


foreverholdingpeace asked: hi there i just wanted to say i dont think yer a "bad vegan" for not getting rid of the non-vegan products you already own.

Thank you :)

I have made the decision not to buy anymore but not waste the rest of the stuff that I already have
Dont wanna be wasteful <3 

What have we become&#8230;

What have we become…

And Have Another Happy Fucking Easter&#8230;

And Have Another Happy Fucking Easter…

Happy Fucking Easter

Happy Fucking Easter